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 Pandora's Box Arc 4 Level 45- General Wear

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PostSubject: Pandora's Box Arc 4 Level 45- General Wear   Sat Feb 17, 2007 7:51 am


1. Creston Heights Museum

Go down into this dungeon. On the second level, most of the way
through, you'll find another collector named Kirjath Arba. She'll give
you a Mobile Tracker and Goggles for your Intricate Key, Uninspected
Goggles, and Headband.

TIP: You can fight your way down there if you want, but it's much
easier if you seriously boost your Dodge Ranged, and pop a Tactic
Booster. That way you can walk down there without being hassled too
much by the NPCs.

2. Richland Mission

When you "Use" the Mobile Tracker in Richland, it will start
another mission. In this mission you'll meet up with Flood, but not
before you kill your way through his bodygaurds. Nothing real special
about them (except for the fact that they're vampires), so just kill
them all. When you finish, Flood will give you The Merovingian's Chit.

3. Club Cyclo

Towards the end of your meeting with Flood, he prods you to go
investigate the club that was mentioned in one of the computers that
you searched in a previous Arc. In case you don't remember, or didn't
bother to read it, he's talking about Club Cyclo in Morrell. Go there.
Inside you'll find another collector named Caleb Vitus. He'll trade you
the Merovingian's Chit for Caleb's Note.

4. International Mission

When you "Use" the Caleb's Note in the International District,
you'll start up another mission. This mission has two phases where
you'll fight an interesting new bunch of NPCs (watch out for the naked
ones, they're rather vicious -- I'm serious ). They have very high
Viral Deflect, so plan accordingly. At the end of the mission, you'll
get an item called the Antediluvian's Countersign.

5. Abandoned Subway

The NPC at the end of the previous mission will hint towards a
subway that is no longer in use. He's referring to the Abandoned Subway
in Roger's Way. When you enter the subway, go to the room on the right
(the room where you would spawn in after using the Teleporter at the
bottom). Inside that room you'll find another collector named Lo
Ruhamah. If you give her a Brightflash Auto and the Antediluvian's
Countersign, she'll give you the Hoar Key and another Antediluvian
Countersign (yes, this is another save point).

Since most of us don't walk around with Brightflash Autos, you'll
probably have to go get one. You can get them from the neighborhood
collector (the regular ones with the purple icon) in Morrell. His name
is Wrightby. If you give him 20 Red Bandanas that you collect from the
NPCs in that area, he'll give you a Brightflash Auto. When he does, go
back to Lo Ruhamah in the Abandoned Subway and get your Hoar Key.

6. Downtown Mission

When you "Use" the Hoar Key somewhere in Downtown, you'll activate
another mission. This is by far the hardest mission this game has ever
seen. You'll encounter the same types of NPCs that you did in step #4
of this Arc, but lots more of them, and lots more of the naked variety.
You don't have to kill them all, but you're going to have one hell of a
time trying to kill the Antediluvian if you have all the other NPCs
running around stunning and free-firing you to death.

TIP: Every time I've done this mission, I've abandoned the hacker
tree (except for maxing out my Viral Deflection). I'd suggest sticking
with operative on this one. A couple of MAs, a couple of Assassins, and
a couple of MKTs usually does the trick.

7. Ark of Armaggedon

When you complete the Downtown mission you'll find the Ark of
Armaggedon in your inventory. I would not suggest opening this box on
your own. I would not suggest even opening this box with a team full of
lvl50s. You're going to need a few teams worth of people to make it
through this box without the timer running out.

This box spawns three waves of dapper-looking angels who have
serious Viral Deflection and Dodge Ranged. As with the other boxes, the
goal is to kill everyone and get their loot, as well as the loot from
the safe that appears at the end.

TIP: The more people you can get to help, the better. Hackers,
while not totally useless, will find it hard to contribute because of
the NPCs' high VD. Every time I've done this box, the best way we've
found is to have a whole mess of MA's with max VD, and a bunch of
Upgrade Masters & Doctors. The MAs will need any buffs you can get
them, and you'll definitely need some rez'ing/healing.

8. The Archaeologist

Our last trip to the Archaeologist (for now). This is what he has in store for you:

Required Items Reward

6 Golden Feathers Heavenly Footwear (Min lvl45 -- Movement Speed
+15%, Health Regen +35%, Inner Strength Regen +20%, Melee Dmg
Resistance +8%, Ranged Dmg Resistance +8%, Viral Resistance +8%,
Stealth +15, Invisibility Duration +8, Super Jump +15)

6 Golden Feathers, Record of Paradise, Record of Pact, Record of
Purpose, Record of Ruin, Record of Betrayal, Record of Judgement,
Record of Fate, Record of Revenge, Heavenly Footwear Angelic Shoes (Min
lvl47 -- Movement Speed +15%, Health Regen +37%, Inner Strength Regen
+22%, Melee Dmg Resistance +10%, Ranged Dmg Resistance +10%, Viral
Resistance +10%, Stealth +15, Invisibility Duration +9, Super Jump +20)

16 Golden Feathers, Seraphic Wing, Angelic Shoes Seraphim Shoes (Min
lvl50 -- Movement Speed +20%, Health Regen +40%, Inner Strength Regen
+25%, Melee Dmg Resistance +12%, Ranged Dmg Resistance +12%, Viral
Resistance +12%, Stealth +15, Invisibility Duration +10, Super Jump

Antediluvian's Countersign, Goggles, Seraphic Feather Seraphic Feather,
Prison Mentality Device (Min Awakened lvl30 -- Grants Prison Mentality

Seraphim Shoes, Squad Leader's Shirt, Tiger Master's Gi, Torturer's
Gloves, Prison Mentality Device Seraphim Shoes, Squad Leader's Shirt,
Tiger Master's Gi, Torturer's Gloves, Prison Mastery Device (Min
Awakened lvl45 --- Grants Prison Mastery Device)

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Pandora's Box Arc 4 Level 45- General Wear
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