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 Pandora's Box Arc 2 Level 35- MA clothing

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PostSubject: Pandora's Box Arc 2 Level 35- MA clothing   Pandora's Box Arc 2 Level 35- MA clothing Icon_minitimeSat Feb 17, 2007 7:46 am


1. Loripor

Go visit the ever-multitasking Loripor collector in Mara. She'll
give you Origami Paper and a Surgical Mask for your Scalpel and Bloody
Surgical Mask. (Note: This is another save point - you can take the
Surgical Mask back to her for another Origami Paper and Surgical Mask).

2. International Mission

When you read the details of the Origami Paper, you'll see that
they again hint towards the International District. Take the hint. When
you're there, "Use" the Origami Paper to start the next mission.

This mission is pretty easy. You'll meet Argon, but before he gives
you the item you need, you'll need to wipe out their crew. There's
about 5-10 NPCs with ranging abilities. Once you defeat the NPCs, Argon
will give you the Encrypted Keyfob.

TIP: If you have max Viral Deflection, and decent Dodge Ranged, a hacker can solo this mission pretty easily.

3. Metacortex

When talking to Argon he hints you towards going to the Metacortex
building in Morrell. Before you go there, though, you'll need to
collect a few things:

Silver Badges (from the NPCs in Park East)

Gold Badges (from the NPCs in Industry Sqaure and Stratford Campus)

Eagle Pins (from the NPCs in Creston Heights)

You should collect at least 5 of each one, because you'll probably
have to run this Arc more than once to collect all the stuff for the

When you get everything, go to the Metacortex building in Morrell.
On the roof is a collector named Daniel Cates. He'll trade you the
Encrypted Keyfob and one of each of the NPC collectables for a Kalt
Lobby Pass and another Encrypted Keyfob (yup, this is another save

4. Kedemoth Mission

The Kalt Pass details point you towards the slums. Since the major
Kalt buildings in the slums are in Kedemoth, that's where the mission
is going to spawn when you "Use" the Kalt Pass. This mission has two

The first phase requires that you search 3 computers and open a
safe. You'll need Open Locks to pick open the safe, and Hacker to
search two of the computers. The third computer can only be searched by
killing the three-cheveron NPC in the room with the computer and
getting the access card. When you've completed all the objectives,
you'll meet with Kalt herself, and she'll give you information to
complete the mission.

The second phase is where you'll search Dr. Voss's aparment. Again,
you'll need Hacker and Open Locks to get everything done. You need to
use the desk phone, search the computer, and open the safe and get the
data. Once you do all that, you then upload the data and the mission
will complete.

TIP: Although I suggest you kill all the NPCs in the first phase so
you can get good $info, you can get through the whole first phase only
having to kill one NPC. Load up on Dodge Ranged, and race through the
mission area (ignoring the NPCs) and search all the computers you can,
and pick open the safe. When you get to the third computer, just kill
the three-cheveron NPC, get the card, and search the last computer.
When you hit all four objectives, the NPCs in the mission area go
passive and will no longer attack you.

Using the tip above, and the same Open Locks + Ballista loadout that was suggested in Arc 1, this mission can be solo'ed.

5. Thurible of Meditation

When the Kedemoth mission completes, you'll find the Thurible of
Meditation in your inventory. This is the second box. Again, it can
only be opened in Downtown, not in a building, and you must do it at
least 100m from a hardline.

This box spawns NPCs a bit differently than the first. The toughest
NPCs appear in the first wave, then the next wave has weaker NPCs (but
more of them), and the third wave has even weaker NPCs (and even more
of them). These box NPCs are multi-talented, so even though they look
MA, don't expect them to use it exclusively. Be sure to loot everybody
and get the Mysterious Headband from the safe.

TIP: These NPCs all seem to be able to
auto-Negagive-Condition-Sweep themselves, so don't rely on stuns or
debuffs, because they won't last long. This box can be pretty easily
done with a few MAs or a few Howitzers/Ballistas.

6. The Archaeologist

Once again, you can (if you want) pay a visit to the Archaeologist
in the Historical District to get yourself some new clothes. Here's
what he'll trade:

Required Items Reward

3 Tiger Cloth's Tiger Acolyte's Gi (Ranged Dmg Resistance +5%, Max
Health +200, Max Inner Strength +20, Concentration +20, Max Buffer +30,
Melee Dmg Resistance +10%)

3 Calligraphy Brushes, Earth Scroll, Wind Scroll, Water Scroll, Fire
Scroll, Void Scroll, Tiger Acolyte's Gi Tiger Warrior's Gi (Ranged Dmg
Resistance +5%, Max Health +225, Max Inner Strength +25, Concentration
+20, Max Buffer +30, Melee Dmg Resistance +11%)

9 Tiger Cloth's, Calligraphy Brush, Tiger Warrior's Gi Tiger Master's
Gi (Ranged Dmg Resistance +5%, Max Health +250, Max Inner Strength +30,
Concentration +20, Max Buffer +30, Melee Dmg Resistance +14%, 71.4%
chance Toughness +25% 12sec)

NOTE: The Scrolls are treated like code, so be careful with them.

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Pandora's Box Arc 2 Level 35- MA clothing Th10
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Pandora's Box Arc 2 Level 35- MA clothing
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