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 The Hidden Agenda- 21st March 2007

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PostSubject: The Hidden Agenda- 21st March 2007   Wed Mar 21, 2007 4:10 am

Hey ya'll,

So after calling the laptop company, I realised I wont get the laptop today, they haven't started the job, so for now, I will continue to work on The Dragoon Network.

As you may have heard there are three parts or departments to the Network. Each one is different, and therefore will require their own tests. These are each differen't, so do not expect another site tour for the next test Very Happy

Moving on I have more to say on the management of The Dragoon Network. This is commanded by what some may have heard of, The Emperor. However, because of the large size of the operation, there will be Lords and Ladies that will run it under him, maybe I have said to much already? Smile Their roles are different than that of a faction's rank 2 and so forth, so for those that are elected, don't expect it so easy.

As for other things, seems things have really calmed down for TBD and TDE. I hope that after all the quarreling, we can remain close allies.

Oh and one more thing, you can reply here now Very Happy. Just don't make a new topic, or poof, there it will vanish.

Have fun,


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Site Administator;

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PostSubject: Re: The Hidden Agenda- 21st March 2007   Sun Mar 25, 2007 3:31 pm

Awe, I'm so pleased with the new site, and now Wicked's faction is coming to it too!

What have you got in store for us next then Hidden baby? ^^
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The Hidden Agenda- 21st March 2007
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