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 Board Statistics- 16th March 2007

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Organization : Zion
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PostSubject: Board Statistics- 16th March 2007   Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:54 am

Board Statistics

Most Active Topics

1. Still Family? 29 posts
2. College and Hidden 24 posts
3. Ask Hidden a question! 22 posts
4. Aliona Sighted 22 posts
5. Lets play... 21 posts

Most Viewed Topics

1 Still Family? 146 views
2 Ask Hidden a question! 136 views
3 I have left with an alt. 126 views
4 Lets play... 113 views
5 College and Hidden 112 views

Top posting users this week [Saturday 10 - Friday 16]

1. TheHidden01 42 posts
2. Yami845 36 posts
3. Clairesa 10 posts
4. Fizzley 4 posts
5. The Effectuator 3 posts

Top Posters Overall

1. TheHidden01 431
2. Yami845 182
3. Fizzley 70
4. Clairesa 54
5. Wanat007 26

Number of posts 987
Posts per day 21.93 (Gone Up)
Number of topics 262
Topics per day 5.82 (Gone Up)

Thanks TH

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Site Administator;

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Localisation : Calgary, AB Canada
Organization : Zion
Rank in faction : Second In Command
Registration date : 2007-02-12

PostSubject: Re: Board Statistics- 16th March 2007   Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:39 pm

seems everything has gone up but lets try and get it up to 20 posts per day per person chall we guy come i know people are viewing the site just not posting anything Dragoons we want you to talk about any problems and it has come to not only mine but TH's antention to for quite some time now that alot of people have not attended me personaly am upset about this if you are going to be away for a period of time please inform a higher rank (If captain) or your captain (if Crew) if your captain or anyone else is not on please PM someone that you are going to be away this way we do not have to boot ya or demote you.

All Those Who Stand In My Way Shall Be Removed
From The System

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Board Statistics- 16th March 2007
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