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 Hidden Agenda- 29/03/07

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Hidden Agenda- 29/03/07 Empty
PostSubject: Hidden Agenda- 29/03/07   Hidden Agenda- 29/03/07 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2007 5:47 am

Hey guys,

A new week and a fresh start I say. With the Dragoon Network being sorted out, and now I'm back in game, things can start to look up.

I got back yesterday and found demonicus wanted to rejoin the faction which I was pleased about. Also we saw the return of Rittenhouse, which brought a smile to my face. A long one, which is what has been lacking as far as our faction has gone.

I managed to talk and decide some things such as locations. I want us to utilize our world. So I decided to increase the rp, and arrange some locations for us.

Chillout:- Mannsdale Park, by hardline, lots of chairs
Recruits:- Uriah SW Office
Meetings:- Tabor C building
Club:- Club Duality, Kedemoth.

I will be showing people where these are so you can find them. I also will start recruiting again soon, and making us like we once were, strong and fantastic.

With the anniversery event upon us, I advise you get looking for whatever they are going to give out Smile

Thanks Guys,

Dragoon Leader

Leader Of The Dragoon Brotherhood;
Site Administator;

Hidden Agenda- 29/03/07 Th10
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Hidden Agenda- 29/03/07
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