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 ---Macro Tutorial---

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PostSubject: ---Macro Tutorial---   ---Macro Tutorial--- Icon_minitimeTue Jan 30, 2007 6:12 pm


Uber Micro or Uber Macro? Getting them all mixed up? Well if your looking for some Uber tips on creating Macro's then this is the place for you. This macro tutorial will not only teach you to macro, it will also contain some of my personal macros i use everyday, In addition you will learn new things such as looping macros, this is great for people who want to stay leaning against a wall while afk .

Anyways i hope you enjoy this, please leave feedback + comments + if you want to know how to macro somthing just ask and i will add it to this tutorial.

Lesson 0:

Basic macro format is /macro (name) /command. An example would be /macro Hello /wave; /say hello
The ( ; ) separates commands, so you can do many stimultaneoulsy.

Lesson 0.5:

The Save Loadout and Load Loudout commands. Many people still dont know how to do this, and should learn to right now. This can help you quickly switch all your abs if they are *presaved*.

First load what you want for a loadout, then near an HL, type this:

/Savelo MA or /Savelo Coder or /Savelo Hacker depending on what is loaded.

Now everytime you type /Loadlo Coder, it will load all your coder abs that you preset.
To make a macro for these different loadouts type this:

/macro Coder /loadlo Coder
/macro Hacker /loadlo Hacker
/macro MA /loadlo MA

Everytime you click on of those nexto an HL it will switch all the abs to that specific loadout.

Lesson 1:

The Cancel Command. This is a must for all macroers. Let's say you just made a looping macro, but did a mistake somewhere and its constantly repeating "Im a little pink flower" non stop. To end this and all other ongoing macroes just type this:


Lesson 2:

Hmm, this is not really a lesson, but its a list of all the possible emotes that you can use for whatever reasons. The more you know, the more things you can macro, ie: a breakdance routine.

This list can be aquired in game by typing /listemotes

Individual Emotes

/agree /aikidodefense /aikidodefense2 /aikidodefense3 /aikidopower /aikidopower2 /aikidopower3 /aikidospeed /aikidospeed2 /aikidospeed3 /anguish /assemble /backflop /backflop1 /ballet /bang /beckon /bigcheer /bigtrouble /bigwave /blowkiss /blush /bow /bowhead /cheer /clap /cool /comeforward /cough /cover /coverears /covereyes /covermouth /crossarms /crackknuckles /crackneck /cry /curtsey /cutitout /dance /dance1 /dance2 /dance3 /dance4 /dance5 /dangerarea /disagree /disperse /drinkbottle /duh /enemy /enemyinsight /examine /formalbow /formalcurtsey /giddiyup /giggle /golfclap /grovel /handstand /headbow /hearnoevil /horns /iamready /insult /karatedefense /karatedefense2 /karatedefense3 /karatepower /karatepower2 /karatepower3 /karatespeed /karatespeed2 /karatespeed3 /kickdoor /kneel /knuckles /kungfudefense /kungfudefense2 /kungfudefense3 /kungfupower /kungfupower2 /kungfupower3 /kungfuspeed /kungfuspeed2 /kungfuspeed3 /laugh /listemotes /lookaround /loser /mapcheck /mimeelbow /mimerope /mimewall /mockcry /move /moveout /no /nod /ok /okay /onehandedhandstand /orangutan /overheat /peace /picknose /pickup /plead /plugnose /point /pointback /pointdown /pointleft /pointright /pointup /powerpose /pullhair /puke /ready /rdy /righton /rolldice /rude /russdance /sarcasticclap /salute /scratchhead /scream /seenoevil /shakefist /shakehead /shameshame /shrug /sleep /solid /snake /stomp /speaknoevil /stretch /stop /suckitdown /sup /surrender /takeaknee /takecover /takepill /talk1 /talk2 /talk3 /talkaffirmative /talkangry /talkchuckle /talkexcited /talkflirtatious /talkforceful /talkgroup /talkhurt /talknegative /talkpuzzled /talkrelieved /talkscared /talkwhisper /talkwhisperobvious /tapfoot /taunt /thewave /throat /thumbsup /thumbsdown /timeout /tiphat /touchearpiece /tsktsk /tsuj /twothumbsdown /twothumbsup /vomit /wave /whichway /whistle /whoa /yawn /yes

Targeted Emotes

/bangbang /bumpbutts /dap /dogsniff /holdbothhands /holdhands /hug /kiss /kissthering /manhug /pound /propose /shakehands /slap /weddingcake /weddingkiss /weddingring

Lesson 3:

The Pause Command. This is also a very important command. It is used to separate different commands with a pause.

For Example: /macro Backflop /backflop; /pause 28; /backflop

This macro will initiate the backflop emote, then 2.8 seconds into it, it will start it again. The final effect looks like you do a backflip, land on your feet, then do a normal goofy backflop.

2.8!?!?! Why 2.8!?!?!, it said 28 in the pause command did it not???
Well every 1 second = 10 for the pause command, so 6 seconds = /pause 60 and so on...

This allows you to pause for an amount of time that may not exactly be one second, breakdancers usually have to try 6-7 different pause amounts to get it look just right. The pause command is mosly use to pause between the loading of abilities if you are an Upgrade Master, etc... etc...

Lesson 4:

Looping. Looping is simple to do yet very effective. All you really have to do is make your macro click itself once it has done what it was assigned to do.

Let's say you have a leanwallloop macro, but want to loop it forever. Let's say that it is on the 20th hotbar in box # 1. This is what you would type as the macro:

/macro Lean /leanwallloop; /pause 250; /use 1, 20

This will lean, and then 25 seconds later it will reactivate lean, because the macro will be clicked again!!!

Lesson 5:

The Use Command. This command is used for loading clothes, abs, and clicking other macros that are all over your hotbars. The *formula* goes as follows:

/use box#, hotbar#

Sooo in other words, the macro:

/use 2, 13

Will click what ever is on the 13th hotbat on slot 2.

I use this command to load my dancing + PVP clothes, and it can be used for the "Disco Clothing"
First drag all of the clothes you will be using onto any free hotbar. (Thank god there is 20 now, you have room for alot of stuff )

For now, let's say my PVP clothes are in Hotbar 16, in slots 1-6, and my dancing clothes are in Hotbar 17, in slots 1-6 as well. These are the two macros i would type:

/macro PVP /use 1, 16; /use 2, 16; /use 3, 16; /use 4, 16; /use 5, 16; /use 6, 16;
/macro Dancing /use 1, 17; /use 2, 17; /use 3, 17; /use 4, 17; /use 5, 17; /use 6, 17;

This will quickly change all your clothes with the push of one single button .

Loading Abilities:

In the other tutorial, it tought you to load and use abilities using the evoke command. The only problem with this is that its hard to make sure you type the name of the abilitiy right, and you can only fit soo much text into each macro command. This way is alot more simple, and does not use that much writing space for each specific ability. Instead you can use the /use command .

***Side note, if your macro does not fit any more info in it, have the last command be a /use command and make it click the slot nexto it, in the next slot just continue the macro with a new one***

Anyways, load all the abs the same way you loaded your clothes, just go to another free hotbar. Now just use the /USE command you learned above to activate each separate one. If your a UM dont forget to pause the correct amount of seconds if you are buffing someone.

Lesson 6:

Colors. Color text plays an important part in macros that /say stuff. It makes them CoLoRfUl!!!

***Side note using /say will always post the text in area chat no matter what channel you are in, if you just add text after a command for example (/macro Greet /wave hello) It will wave then say hello in whatever channel you are currently in (fc,ac,tc,cc)***

This is the format for color text:

{c:XXXXXX}text here{/c}

When you are typing this, dont be alarmed if you dont see anything being written in the text box. The second you type ({) anything in there will be invisible, even though it is still there. Just make sure you dont type anything wrong.

The XXXXXX is hex code, here are a couple that you could use.

Black = 000000
White = FFFFFF
Red = FF0000
Blue = 0000FF
Green = 008000
Yellow = FFFF00
Orange = FFA500
Violet = EE82EE
Purple = 800080
Pink = FFC0CB
Gold = FFD700
Aqua = 00FFFF
Fuchsia = FF00FF

For example, if you typed:

/macro Sell /say {c:FF00FF}Selling Sakura Bandana{/c}

It will say that out, in PINK FONT!!!!!!!!! (technically *fuchsia* )
This can raise your selling rate because it makes it very noticeable.
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---Macro Tutorial---
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