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 MA Tree which does what?

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MA Tree which does what? Empty
PostSubject: MA Tree which does what?   MA Tree which does what? Icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2007 2:55 pm

Ok I know some people in the matrix STILL don't know this or unless you are just starting the matrix here is a tip for which tree does what for MA.

Kung Fu: Kung Fu has a slight Accuracy and Defense Bonus.

Karate: Karate does more damage then Kung Fu or Aikido.

Aikido: Aikido has a major defense bonus better then Kung Fu.

Characters In Matrix

Neo uses Kung Fu (DUH!)

Morpheous uses a combination of Aikido and it seems Zen Master (an ability in beta long gone might return)

Trinity uses another Combination of Aikido and Karate.

Agent Smith uses Karate and self defense.

(Most agents will only uses thier FMs and self defense.)

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MA Tree which does what? I182231855_38090_2
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MA Tree which does what?
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