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 The Final Word...

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PostSubject: The Final Word...   The Final Word... Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2007 6:09 pm

The Final Word

So applicants, you have your way here, congratulations, some have not made it this far, in that I bow my head to you. Now the final part has come, I will not stress the importance of this decision that you are about to make, but it will determine whether fate will be with you... or again'st you.

Do you stay where you are, locked in a world of false love, dreams and pathetic irony. Or do you take my hand and follow me into the light...

The Final Word... Thinly10

If so then please leave your real name, your in game handle, and your time for an interview, with one of the Kings or Queens.

When you meet one, they will tell you who and what the Kings and Queens are. For now I leave you in wonder. As one man said, the choice is yours.

Thank you for applying...

To apply please make a new thread and copy and paste your application form.

Thanks once again for applying and I hope to meet you soon

Leader Of The Dragoon Brotherhood.

Leader Of The Dragoon Brotherhood;
Site Administator;

The Final Word... Th10
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The Final Word...
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