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 Pandora's Box Arc 1

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PostSubject: Pandora's Box Arc 1   Pandora's Box Arc 1 Icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2007 7:13 pm

Pandora Box


1. Hampton Green Hotel
Go to the bottom floor of the dungeon. About 3 rooms before you reach the boss, you'll see a colletor standing at the end of the hall named Fasset. Have a chat with him. He offers a few different trades, but for now you'll only concern yourself with the first one where he'll give you Research Notes for 1 million info. Get them and leave the dungeon. Don't forget to pay a visit to Mr. Jones while you're down there.

2. International Mission
When you read the details of the Research Notes you'll see that it hints towards a "person of interest in the International District". Go to the International District. Anywhere seems to be fine. When you get there, "Use" the Research Notes. This will initiate a mission.

The first phase is to go talk with a doctor. No problem.

The next phase is to go get an artifact. This mission area is filled with a whole mess of NPCs. There is also an unlocked safe which contains a Postcard and a Scalpel. All you have to do to finish the mission is get the two items from the safe, but I suggest you take the time to kill everyone. They're very easy, and as with most NPCs in the Pandora's Box Arcs, they tend to drop good $info.

TIP: This can be easily solo'ed. A Ballista should have no problem walking through this mission and wiping everyone out.

3. White Lotus Hotel
When you "Read" the Postcard you'll see that the writer says he's "in the hotel", and the Postcard has a picture of the monument that is in front of the White Lotus Hotel. Take the hint.

The collector in the hotel, Mr. Pillsworth, offers two trades. One is that he'll take your Scalpel and give you another Scalpel and Mr. P's Card. The other trade is that he'll pay you $150,000 info for the Postcard. Do both trades (you don't need the Postcard anymore).

Note that this is kind of a "save point" in the Arc, because you can keep coming back here with your Scalpel and get yourself another Mr. P's Card, without having to do the first and second parts of the Arc again.

4. Downtown Mission
When you read the details of Mr. P's Card, it'll metion a "downtown address written on the back". Go somewhere in downtown and "Use" Mr. P's Card. It will initiate another mission.

The first phase requires you to kill all the NPCs, and then talk to some guy.

The second phase seems to always happen in Park East in what most people refer to as the "Government Building" (which is actually one of the Kalt Chemical buildings). This phase also requires you to again kill all the NPCs. In order to do so you'll need to pick the lock of one of the rooms. Once you finish the killing spree, you'll interact with Dr. Voss a bit. He'll ask you to hack a nearby computer and take him to it. The mission will complete after all of that.

TIP: This can be easily solo'ed. A high level player can load Open Locks (in Infiltrator) and most, if not all, of Ballista. You'll be able to mow through the NPCs, pick the lock holding Dr. Voss, and hack the computer that he asks you to.

Whether you choose to solo this mission or not, you're going to need someone with Open Locks and someone with Hacker, because unlike normal missions, there are no Access Cards or Keys that can be looted.

5. Cruicible of Affliction
When the Downtown mission completes, you'll find the Cruicible of Affiliction in your inventory. This is your first box. It can only be opened in Downtown, not in a building, and you must do it at least 100m from a hardline.

When you "Use" the box, three waves of increasingly tougher level-40-something NPCs will spawn that you have to kill. They are much tougher than your run-of-the-mill mission or neighborhood NPCs. These guys (like most of the box NPCs) have a LOT of abilities loaded, they're part Knife Thrower, part Hacker, part Patcher, part MA, and aggro as hell.

Once you defeat all the NPCs, be sure to loot them all and collect the special items. Also be sure to open the Safe ("Mysterious Box") that appears so you can get the Bloody Surgical Mask.

TIP: This box can be solo'ed. A hacker with a highly buffed Dodge Ranged can get through this on their own. Sometimes on the third wave I like to switch to MA (partly for fun, partly because they interlock you every chance they get, so while you're in interlock, you may as well kick the crap out of them).

Also, don't take too long to kill all the NPCs. All of the Pandora's Boxes have a time limit on them (I don't remember how long). If you don't kill everyone before the timer is up, the remaining NPCs disappear and you won't be able to get the special loot. Worst of all, the box also disappears from your inventory, so you'll have to repeat the steps of the Arc to get it again.

6. The Archaeologist
Take your newly collected special items to the Archaeologist collector in the Historical District (near the Yellow Line Subway). He'll offer the following trades:

Required Items Reward
5 Blood-Spattered Notes Doctor's Gloves (Melee Dmg +35, Viral Resistance +10%, Viral Deflection +10, Stealth Dmg +45, Lock Picking +10)
5 Blood-Spattered Notes, Naforius' Research Notes, Medical Record on Patient 75331, Notice of Termination, Doctor's Gloves Surgeon's Gloves (Melee Dmg +42, Viral Resistance +10%, Viral Deflection +11, Stealth Dmg +52, Lock Picking +10)
15 Blood-Spattered Notes, Tissue Sample, Surgeon's Gloves Torturer's Gloves (Melee Dmg +50, Viral Resistance +10%, Viral Deflection +12, Stealth Dmg +60, Lock Picking +10)

You might have to do parts 3 through 5 more than once to get enough items for the Torturer's Gloves, so repeat as many times as you want to. When you're done, you can move on to the second Arc.

NOTE: The Naforius' Research Notes, Medical Record on Patient 75331, and Notice of Termination items are treated like code, which means they will be lost if you're killed and not rez'ed.

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Pandora's Box Arc 1
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