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 Update 50 ((Mxo))

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PostSubject: Update 50 ((Mxo))   Update 50 ((Mxo)) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2007 4:08 pm

Update 50 Notes [Broadcast Depth Forum]

Update 50 is scheduled to release to the live game the morning of Thursday, March 8, 2007.

Featured Changes

The Matrix Online Story Continues in Episode 7.1!
Chapter 7.1 begins with a new cinematic and critical mission on Thursday, 3/8, and a new critical mission for follows on each of the next four Thursdays: 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, and 4/5.

Chapter 6 Missions Archived
Archived versions of the chapter 6 critical missions are now available from Archive Vendors. Get all nine chapter 6 mission archive tokens by completing the archived subchapters for each org, and turn them in to one of the Organization Collectors for the chapter 6 mission archive reward item.

Seraph is No Longer a Weakling
The Seraph NPC is now a three-chevron rather than a one-chevron.

Full Inventory, Broken Item Fix
If an item with purity remaining breaks while your inventory is full, it will be bounced to your email rather than remain equipped and lose purity dots.

RSI Modification Pills
Dungeon NPCs (except for the NPCs in the boss area of the bottom floor) and the bosses themselves now have a chance of dropping pills that permanently alter a component of your character's RSI when used. These pills can also be traded or sold. Different pill types can be found in different dungeons:

Mars Industrial Storage: Hair Color A (1-10, natural)
Casinos: Hair Style (1-19 female, 1-18 male)
Old Hammerville High: Hair Color B (11-20, natural)
Old Talbot Building: Hair Color C (21-32, artificial)
Abandoned Subway: Tattoos (1-Cool
Rawlins Corner: Facial Color (1-Cool
Ole Miller Projects: Facial Style (1-12 female, 1-13 male)
Orchid Public Bath: Skin Tone A (1-Cool
White Lotus Hotel: Skin Tone B (9-16)
South Vauxton Apartments: Head A (1-10)
Hampton Green Hotel: Head B (11-20 female, 11-19 male)
Creston Heights Museum: Body Type (1-3)

Permanent Pacification Zones
The Pacification Zones in Club Sphinx, Club Messiah, and the Rogers Way (Central) fight club are now on all three servers, and will reappear automatically after a server restart. They do not have the flashing borders of Pacification Zones placed by admins.

First-Pass Master Knife-Thrower Changes
All Spy abilities that used the range family timer now use the knife throw timer. Neuro Dart downgrades have been reduced to 15 seconds. New Interlock animations have been defined for Paralyzing and Blinding Throws to match actual ability timers. Knife throw Interlock animations have been extended to remove "popping".

Changes and Improvements

Ctrl + F now disables all graphical effects.
Unusual changes in the weather continue to accumulate in Sati's absence.
The General has a shiny new black beret.
The revolver with the long barrel has had its texture darkened slightly.
Raindrops no longer have dark edges or an odd greyish blue coloration. They now have a softer transparency and slightly increased thickness.
Combat Aura 1.0 no longer flashes the icon and fx every pulse (only the circular effect).
Restore Group and Group Repairs re-use timers are now 4 seconds to match their family timers.
Yuki "Warrior Initiate" NPCs now drop loot appropriate to their level, 15, rather than level 10. (Thanks Xintax.)
The level 20 Blood-drinker NPCs in the Ashencourte construct now drop loot appropriate to their level, instead of dropping level 10 loot. (Thanks Wendigo.)
The /cq command now works in the Loading Area.
The query window that appears when someone uses the /weddingkiss group emote on you now tells you who is trying to kiss you.
Unnamed bluepills in missions may now come in "waiter" and alternate-color officeworker varieties.
Made italics easier to read in phase 3 of Zion mission 6.1.1, "The Corporate Ladder."
The General's commandos no longer show up as random opponents in Merovingian standard missions.
You may now chat while crafting.
The central storage capacity and number of slots used are now shown in the loading area inventory screen.
Code has been added to gather additional information about the Downtown lag issue.

Bug Fixes

Bug causing Find Weakness to not activate every time it is used has been fixed.
Fixed a typo in Hypatia's NPC detail text.
Tweaked the General's NPC details text.
"Bum" RSI types will now show up at random on unnamed bluepills in missions.
Seral and Beirn's levels corrected from 50 to 70 in the critical missions in which they appeared.
Client-side crafting timers should now take the * Maker ability bonuses into account.
Attempting to /follow with no target will no longer cause a client crash.
Fixed a bug that caused a client crash when being Recalled by a team member while trading with a collector.
Female armored/shielded clothing without a minimum level now has a resistance of 6. (Matches male clothing.)
Text for tools that must be equipped to be used now displays the correct amount of time until they can be reused. (Examples: Fly in Amber, Prison Mastery Device)
Using a Disguise Tool now changes characters to the Spy Style.
Using a Concealment Countermeasure Tool will now break the character's stealth.
Fixed a typo in NPC text in the first phase of Merovingian mission 2.1.3, "The Misinformation Age."
Cleaned up awkward grammar in the first controller and operator messages in the Sculptress' first mission, "Tools of the Trade."
Fixed a typo in the operator's first message in the second phase of Zion 6.3.5, "Red Eye." (Thanks Nicks.)
In the Downtown "Meet with Agent Gray" mission given when Machine reputation level 127 is reached, Gray no longer asks you to meet him in Tabor Park. The mission now takes place in the Network Media building.
Fixed a typo in the "Meet with Agent Gray" mission that becomes available when you reach 127 Machine reputation points.
Fixed a typo in Agent Gray's text at the beginning of the second phase of Machine mission 6.3.4, "Access Denied."
Fixed a typo in Agent Gray's message at the beginning of the second phase of Machine mission 6.3.5, "Strata" (thanks Sykin).
Fixed a typo in Mr. Po's message at the beginning of the third phase of his fifth mission, "New Dawn Fades."
Fixed a text error at the end of the first phase of Mr. Po's second mission, "Incubation."
Fixed a typo in the operator's text in the third phase of Machine mission 6.3.1, "Remote Control."
Fixed a typo in the operator's text in phase 2 of Zion mission 6.3.2, "Whirlybird" (thanks Avalod).
The first phase of Merovingian mission 5.1.5, "Into the Crosshairs," will no longer complete with one goal apparently still active in certain circumstances.
Mission items will once again drop to the floor if your inventory is full.
The assassination target in the second phase of Synn's fourth mission, "Nudged," is now male, corresponding to the pronouns used to describe him throughout the mission.
The operator no longer refers to a female contact as male in the second phase of Mr. Bishop's second mission, "Unravel."
Fixed a typo in the text of one of the followers in phase 3 of Merovingian mission 2.3.3, "Military Action."
If one of your followers dies in phase 2 of Merovingian mission 4.1.2, it is now Flood who calls you a "fool," rather than the operator.
Fixed a typo in the text of the grumpy NPC in phase 2 of Greene's fourth mission, "Smash and Grab."
The "Gather information about the hardline" goal in phase 2 of Machine mission 1.2.10, "Witness Protection," no longer completes prematurely.
The error message for the "Team" > "Advanced Find" level search parameters now lists the valid levels correctly.
Dying on a bench/chair no longer breaks the bench/chair.
Fixed a typo in Tyndall's dialogue in phase four of Zion mission 2.3.3, "Incommunicado."

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Update 50 ((Mxo))
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