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 Your problems on site

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Your problems on site Empty
PostSubject: Your problems on site   Your problems on site Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2007 5:31 am

I understand that a few of you have had a few problems on site or with passwords. I have seen that when you have visited the site it tells me this. Unfortunatly I will not reset passwords unless you are ingame telling me that there is a problem. The reason is because anyone can be trying to get onto your account, and especially if this is a Moderator's account, I wont be handing that out UNLESS you tell me ingame/MSN and whatever we talk on. If I am not there, like now all I can get is PMs which I know you do send alot of you, please talk to a Moderator which is Yami or WickedDragoon. If you cannot reach either of us, then you will have to wait... I hope this will not be too long, as I will be deffinaltly back in time for patch next week ((Computer probs as I keep moaning about Very Happy))

I hope this patches up some questions that have been asked as of lately.


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Your problems on site Th10
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Your problems on site
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