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 The Beginning ((PLEASE START HERE))

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The Beginning ((PLEASE START HERE)) Empty
PostSubject: The Beginning ((PLEASE START HERE))   The Beginning ((PLEASE START HERE)) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 20, 2007 10:43 am

Dear Applicants,

What you are about to embark upon is something greater than you could have anticipated. My name is TheHidden01 and I am to possibly be your new leader.

However we know that are yet to make that choice, and perhaps you are searching for more information of who and what The Dragoon Brotherhood is. I prefer delve to the roots of such questions, the first place to look is our history.

A long time ago, I served under a great leader, WickedDragoon. Together we founded The Hidden Dragoons. Things were fantastic, but all good things must eventually come to an end. Civil war began, leaders fell out, members rebelled, two ways turned into two paths. Eventually one leader gave in and admitted defeat, he was me.

Leaving with a few brothers and sisters, we founded The Dragoon Brotherhood. Five brothers and sisters were joined, and they formed the faction.

UltraC00l:- The Resource Guy
Wanat007:- The Enforcer
Clairesa:- Personel
Yami845:- Events

The last is me, TheHidden01, the leader.

Together we formed this faction of greatness, together we came one. Now I invite you to join us and our network. Not only do we exist in the Matrix, we exist in all realms of the MMO world. Together we work as a brotherhood.

The Beginning ((PLEASE START HERE)) Brothe10

The Dragoon Brotherhood awaits you...

Leader Of The Dragoon Brotherhood;
Site Administator;

The Beginning ((PLEASE START HERE)) Th10
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The Beginning ((PLEASE START HERE))
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